5/28/02 Requests for Rule Interpretations
The following interpretations have been issued by the International Technical Committee, approved by the International Executive Committee, and are effective immediately.

Q: Is a 2:1 purchase system permitted for use on the jib sheets?

A: This question arose based on some USA boats utilizing a 2:1 system with blocks attached to the jib clew, plus turning blocks and additional cleats being added at the front of the cockpit (near the coach roof) to facilitate cross sheeting.

2:1 jib sheets are permitted to the extent allowed in Rule #D.4.1 (a) (i) "Outboard padeyes for two part or direct heavy air headsail sheet..." However, there is no specific permission given to add additional hardware. Therefore, based on the J/80 class rules being "closed class rules" under ISAF, the addition of blocks to the jib clew and any other hardware not specifically approved in the rules is prohibited.In the picture below, the ratchet block for the jib sheet is permitted under #C.8.5 (a)(ii), but the "cleat for jib sheet" is not permitted. 2:1 jib sheets are otherwise permitted, with one able to secure the end of the sheet to any deck hardware that is currently permitted in the Rules.

The Course

Q: Is it allowable to add an eye or other fitting to the stanchion base for the purpose of attaching a gennaker turning block?

A: Yes. This request is a result of several older boats having stanchion bases with leg welds that have broken, on an otherwise still serviceable stanchion. Newer boats have thicker bases. Permitting a thru-bolted eye within the stanchion base foot print reduces stress on the stanchion and does not change the intended function of the stanchion base.

Q: May one add an 1/8" Teflon coated plate under the mast butt to facilitate adjustment? May one redrill the factory holes in the mast bearing beam?

A: The mast length is fixed on all J/80s and no shortening or lengthening of the standard spar (by adding a plate) is permitted. However, one is permitted to drill additional holes in the bearing beam if needed to properly tune the rig.

Q: Can one use a block (such as a Harken 57) at the bottom of the mast and same block at the top of the mast for the spinnaker halyard?

A: Many boats are shipped from the factory with a mast base block for the spinnaker, so this is permitted. Adding a block high on the mast for the spinnaker halyard is not permitted.

Q: Can one use two cam cleats (such as Harken 150s) for the main halyard instead of a clam or jam cleat?

A: Yes. The two J/80 builders have shipped boats with different cleats for the main halyard and the use of cam cleats, provided there are at least two of Harken 150 size, is permitted.

Q: In lieu of a halyard winch, can one rig a purchase system on the tail of the jib halyard for easier adjustment?

A: No. This is not specifically permitted in the Rules and has never been standard equipment on a new boat. An owner currently has the option to add a secondary winch for the halyard and/or a block at the shroud base for sending the halyard aft to a primary winch.